How to hire world-class programmers

Get programmers that are not only smart but also get things done. Joel Spolsky’s book on how to hire the top-class. Based on his earlier post: the guerilla guide to interviewing. Must-read if you are building your development team.

Agile and lean from the trenches

Henrik Kniberg's books and musings on agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFE, Lean) from the trenches. These are among the best and most pragmatic out there. Learn from his hands-on tips and insights as agile coach at Spottify and Lego.

Joel Spolsky on writing specs

Joel Spolsky on writing specs

Joel Spolsky's 4-part blog on how to write painless functional specifications. For every software startup that thinks agile means no spec or documentation is needed.

Time to Cash

A pragmatic guide by Dutch entrepreneur Hans van der Hoek to the one thing many high-tech startups forget: cash is king. Keep yourself honest and focus on how to minimize the time you need to cash. Not revenue. Not investment. Cash.

Stanford videos on starting up

A series of 20 great video lectures from the world’s experts on every aspect of founding a startup. From defining the culture to investment to building products that users love. Initially given at Stanford in Fall 2014. For high-tech, you should absolutely see at least the following:

  • The three first ones by Y Combinator
  • Peter Thiel
  • Alex Schultz, Facebook
  • Marc Anderseen et. al.
  • Aaron Levie
  • Reid Hoffman

Steve Blank’s list of startup tools

Steve Blank’s list of startup tools

Mr. Lean Startups - Steve Blank's overwhelmingly long list of relevant blogs for startups. Venture capital, founder's equity, market research, etc.